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From the need for a cosy place for your baby to the want for personal space to take care of your baby, there are several reasons why you need a baby nursery room design.
Now that your little one is on the way, or they are here already, you see the need for a baby nursery with décor. Perhaps creating and decorating a nursery room never mattered to you, but now it does. Or, maybe you are the nesting mum who has spent several months thinking up nursery décor ideas for your baby’s nursery room and craves the environment to be suitable for your baby. Either way, we created this article just for you.

In this article, we will not just teach you tips to design a pretty and comfy nursery room for your baby, but we will tell you all you need to know about nurseries and nursery décor. This will help you understand that designing and decorating the perfect nursery that works for you and your baby is not as complicated as you may have heard.

Creating your Nursery room

Before the question of nursery decor for your infant comes in, you should have an answer to the question of where to set up your Nursery room.
If you have not decided where to set up your baby’s nursery room yet, now is the time to choose.
Here are three things to help you decide the best space for your newborn’s nursery room.

Go for proximity.

Your choice room for the nursery should be close to your room. You don’t want to walk a mile to feed your baby in the nursery. Mums are the unpaid yet “never-off-duty” attendants of their infants, so your availability must be guaranteed.


Go for Serenity

As much as proximity is advised, your choice room for the nursery should be a quiet, calm room. Infants are sensitive to sounds, so choose a room far from ” noise-generating” rooms like your kitchen, the sitting room or your older kids’ room.

Go for the right amount of space.

It is shocking to realise how much space your “little bundle of joy” takes up. It is ideal to have all the baby stuff in the nursery for easy access, but at the same time, you should avoid cluttering the nursery. So, choose a room that’s just the right amount of space you need, and remember, the more the baby stuff, the more space likely to be required for your nursery room.

How to get your Nursery room decor right.

Now that you have your nursery room, it is time to set it up in decors.
As you effectively implement your baby’s nursery room decor, put in mind that your nursery room design must incorporate these two things:

Needs of the baby
Safety of the baby

The Nursery room is not some art gallery where fancy artworks are exhibited. It is firstly the home of your baby and therefore must function to provide comfort to the baby.
This means that nursery furniture such as the crib, the baby cot, the dressers, the changing table etc., and necessary items like wipes and blankets must be mainly geared towards comfort. Remember, the goal of your nursery is not just to look pretty but also comfy.

Since the nursery will serve as the baby’s room from the infant stage to the toddler stage, it is essential to decorate the room safely. No matter how well-picked out your interior nursery designs are, it is meaningless if, when implemented, the artistry puts your baby at risk. For instance, using draped curtains can beautify the nursery room. However, your baby may quickly grasp the chords and fall if the crib is by the window. Certain nursery interiors, beautiful as they are, can potentially harm your infant. Hence, you must learn how to maintain safety in the nursery room.

Nursery decor ideas and items.

So many mums in their bid to “make it perfect”, fall victim to stress when decorating their baby’s nursery room. Do not break a sweat over it, neither should you break the bank. It is okay if you want to design something pretty, but in the end, babies only care about the comfort–and not the beauty of the nursery room.

To make your baby’s room a pretty and comfy nursery, here are a few nursery decor products items and ideas for you:

Get your Nursery Cot

Babies sleep like they were born to do just that. Getting a suitable cot influences good sleeping habits in Infants in the nursery.

Store the baby essentials

These are necessary materials, including baby wipes and blankets. La Vie’s baby essentials are modern and of various kinds, which will help keep your baby comfortable.

Pick a nursery decor theme idea

Your decor theme is your choice. The nursery decor theme does not have to be gender-based. Be spontaneous, and you can pick your theme from anywhere, including your favourite fantasy/adventure book.

Use coloured arts

Instead of searching for wall arts, you can have your family paint a part of the nursery wall. This is one of the fun activities you can do to ease the stress from setting up your nursery. Prepare to get some weird artwork. Nonetheless, as long as the colour matches the theme, the result will be an array of colours that would make the nursery room brighter.

Arrange your furniture

Orderliness has a way of bringing art to life. A disorderly arrangement of furniture can ruin the final look of your nursery. Place the baby Cot, changing table, dresser and shelves at different room angles to avoid cluttering.

Table/Shelf for picture frame

Picture frames are not commonly in use as nursery decor items. However, they can serve as milestone items for keeping track of your baby’s growth process. Add one picture of your baby every two months to the La Vie picture frame, starting from the birth picture.
Arrange them orderly on a table in one corner of the nursery room. You have a shelf of beautiful pictures at the end of the year.

Use bright colours

Did you know? Using bright colours in nursery rooms stimulates your baby’s senses and improves vision.

Add Night Lights

Some things glow in the dark. This is especially true for a night light that adds a glow to your baby’s nursery.

There you go. Now you know just about everything there is to know about Nursery decor. Get your nursery decor items today and begin creating that comfy nursery room your baby needs – the pretty one you want.

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